Todd windsurfing professionally taken portrait of Todd Todd wearing a red shirt with sand dunes in the background

As seen in the news and public facing media productions:

Article: January 2020, Related Photo: February 2019
From the article that didn't mention Todd 'Suzy' Perry: "What’s most appealing about the kava bar is that it’s always a mixed bag — the witches summit hangs with the Wall Street guys, the billionaire chats up the local teens (you need to be 18 to enter a kava bar). At kava bars, I’ve found rappers, tech guys, and dancers."

Article: March 2012, Related Photo: March 2010
Multiple sources confirm that Zuck was "totally referring to" Todd Perry in this quote from the article: "'Oh, that guy?' Zuckerberg said as they ran through the list of names. 'He taught me and D’Angelo at Exeter!' The hiring strategy netted essential employees such as Andrew Bosworth, who had taught Zuckerberg at Harvard..."

Article and Photo: March 2012
From a bullet point in the article: "Todd Perry used to work at Facebook and has done work for Quora. Perry is an expert on the coding culture in Silicon Valley."

Article and Photo: January 2012
From the article's caption for the photo of Todd: "Todd Perry is an entrepreneur in the valley. He used to work at Palantir and Facebook. Now he works with some of the hottest startups in the valley. He knew Mark Zuckerberg back in the day, when he taught the now famous founder how to code."

Article: October 2007, Related photo: March 2010
The article quoted Clara Shih, within an interview format: "...I was serendipitously contacted by Todd Perry, a former Stanford classmate who now works as a software engineer for Facebook. He had come across my previous blog entry and wanted to chat. We got together for drinks, I pitched him my idea for Faceforce, and the rest is history."

Article: April 2001, Related Photo: April 1998
From the review by Todd: "The lesson you learn from the game is that before you can jump over the water and kill the dragon lord you must first explore every other corner of the world while learning and growing. The game is full of little details like that which can say so much to an imaginative player."

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